ed. E. Kristin Anderson

"If the poems in HYSTERIA shock you, then you damn well need to be shocked. If this book offends you, then it’s time to hunt down and cut out the root of that offense (big hint: it is always fear). These women are undeniable. Their voices, essential. An indispensable anthology." — New York Times best-selling author Jill Alexander Essbaum

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The Pine Tree Experiment

Sarah Ghoshal

The Pine Tree Experiment is one continuous poem, a crazy hybrid: prose poetry mixed with visual poetry, mixed with a very specific tone throughout—that of a woman looking back on her sexual life in pieces, with a man-made pine forest as a backdrop. The Pine Tree Experiment is a beautiful yet foggy, intricate & honest piece, one that is unapologetic about sex, love, choices.

Price: $8.00

No More Stories About the Moon

J. Bradley

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go out on a date with The Kool-Aid Man or how to write the greatest Transformers/Titanic fan fiction ever? J. Bradley answers these questions and more within nine works of taut flash fiction in No More Stories About The Moon. 

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T.A. Noonan

A college freshman's first semester becomes a nightmare in this memoir in vignettes. Fall chronicles a series of brutal rapes and T.A. Noonan's struggle to overcome them in the weeks, months, and years that follow. Lyrical and unflinching, infuriating and all too familiar, Fall is an intimate self-portrait and a declaration of survival.

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God in Neon

Sam Slaughter

GOD IN NEON—a short story collection portraying characters in so-called "Middle America"—is eloquent, real, heart-wrenching and humorous. From a literal graveyard shift to a pet store to a Florida side show to a Minneapolis rooftop, Slaughter's characters are soaked in whiskey, but also in the sentiments that most of us run into on a daily basis. 

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Highku: 4 & 20 Poems About Marijuana

Brennan 'B Deep' DeFrisco 

​Price: 5.00

Publishers of Underdogs & Long Shots


Les Kay

"Les Kay’s Badass is potent stuff: a verge between scripture and rap: a rapture. Invective-funk with the surer pulse of the grave, and with joy’s grave purpose."

 --Joanie Mackowski, author of View from a Temporary Window and The Zoo

Price: $7.99

Bad Sandy

Cassandra Dallett

​This is a full-length collection of contemporary love poetry by Oakland, CA Beast Generation poet Cassandra Dallett, exploring the "Bad Sandy" appeal in love and in relationships. In the words of the poet, "These poems tell the story of a woman who comes to find that it wasn't really a Danny Zuko she needed to love her, but her own sweet-crazy Bad Sandy self."

Price: $11.95