Lucky Bastard Press publishes underdogs & long shots. We'll read anything, but we're especially partial to poetry, with leanings towards slam, stage poetry & performance poetry. 

If we've solicited you to send us your work, have at it. We are currently not taking unsolicited queries or submissions. Sorry, brah.

We like: Just about everything on the Manic D Press, Akashic Books, Write Bloody, Sundress Publications, Hyacinth Girl Press, & University of Hell Press rosters. We also like Nicole Blackman, Danez Smith, Saeed Jones, Maggie Estep, Derrick C. Brown, Jeffrey McDaniel, Elaina Ellis, Sarah Kay, Franny Choi, Melissa May, Meg Tuite, Tyehimba Jess, and a bunch of other poets that we forgot & will probably add on this page later. We're into social justice, marginalized voices, and saying the things that are difficult but need to be said. Effective art should make you feel equally dizzy & uncomfortable. We like weird, wonderful words that give you the feels and make your chest place feel tight and fuzzy. We also like whiskey & good chocolate, but that has nothing  to do with poetry. Or everything. Or maybe neither. Or both.

We don't have a length minimum or maximum; we think you as the author probably know better than we do when it comes to that. 

We like your bio, but it's your work that really needs to resonate. Chances are, even if we love you, we're going to misspell your name or your manuscript title at least once.

For all solicited manuscripts, please contact:

Things to remember: 

  • We're working writers too, & Lucky Bastard is a labor of love. Please mind your manners.  
  • Leave all the "-ism's" at the door. Freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom from accountablity! ​
Publishers of Underdogs & Long Shots